Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you deliver to?

All deliveries can be made to every locality in Malta and Gozo.

How long is your delivery?

Deliveries to Malta may take a maximum of 5 working days. Our professional team will contact you one day before the delivery will be made.

Can my order be less than 25 euros?

Yes, absolutely! However, a small delivery charge will be added so that the total order including shipping reaches the minimum amount of 25 euros.

Is a ‘pick up’ option available?

Yes, you may pick up your order from our premises between 8am and 1pm.

What happens if I miss my order?

If a delivery is not successful, we will attempt to make the delivery at a later date, and we will call you one day before doing so.

Do you have a ‘returns’ policy?

Absolutely! We are always ready to accept products that are not to your liking, even if these items have been opened and used. Please do call us if you have any products that you would like to return. One may also choose to replace the product, or be refunded.

How do you help organisations like Living Ability Not Disability (LAND) YMCA, Dar Merhba Bik and the Ursuline Sisters?

SJS Hartons currently gives financial contributions to Living Ability Not Disability (LAND) on a biannual basis.

As for Ursuline Sisters, YMCA and the other homeless shelters, SJS Hartons currently facilitates donations from its own clients by offering them the chance to purchase products which are passed on to these entities directly.

Are your products sustainable or environmentally friendly?

Each and every product is carefully chosen to ensure as least harm to the environment as possible. We are constantly reviewing our product range as well as our procedures and processes in order to identify alternatives which are more in line with this goal.

Details of specific products may be found on the respective product page in the Shop.

Do you have a shop where I can buy or see the products?

At this time our products may only be viewed in the Shop section on our website, however our professional team is happy to assist you with any questions that you might have! You may contact our sales team on 21338691 between 8:00am till 8:00pm. One may also choose to collect an order from our stores between 8:00am and 1:00pm.

What are SJS Hartons detergent vouchers and how do they work?

SJS Hartons detergent vouchers are given with most detergent offers starting from €32.40. One may exchange these vouchers for a number of items, such as kettles, sandwich toasters, slow cookers, and air fryers. You will be given a voucher with your products upon delivery of your order.

Do you offer free gifts with my order?

Free gifts are given with specific orders and products, and these will be clearly labelled in the Shop section. Orders that receive free gifts include 80 rolls of toilet paper, packages of wine, and packages of detergents. 

For more information on what offers include free gifts, and what gifts are available kindly call our sales team on 21338691. 

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