About us

Who We Are

SJS Hartons is a family-run business established for over 20 years in the retail of cleaning and other household products.

We are on a mission to help people make conscious buying decisions that safeguard the environment, by offering products which cause as little harm as possible when used and disposed of.

Where We Come From

In 1999, Simon Joseph Soler decided to start a business selling detergents and toilet paper by serving customers directly at their doorstep, and so Hartons was born. At the time, it was very uncommon for supermarkets and grocers to provide delivery for their products, but Simon wanted to bring customers their daily needs straight to their home, saving them the hassle of going out to buy, and thus became one of the very first in Malta to deliver detergents and toilet paper to private residences.

Hartons steadily grew, from Simon being the sole sales and delivery person, serving one locality each day, to having a whole team of sales persons together with a team of delivery persons serving multiple localities every day. The product range was also gradually expanded, adding various toiletries and other household items, and eventually introducing electronics such as mobile phones, DVD players and tablets.  Hartons had even responded to clients’ demand by producing solid pine furniture in-house for a number of years.

From the beginning of his operations, Simon sought not only to maximise sales but also to help those in need through his business, by way of product or monetary donations. This desire resulted in support being given to numerous organisations for people with disability, such as Living Ability Not Disability.

In addition to these, Simon also provided frequent aid to the Ursuline Sisters as well as other homeless shelters including YMCA Malta, Suret il-Bniedem, Dar Merhba Bik and St. Joseph Home Zabbar.

Simon remained at the helm for 17 years, before he sadly passed away in 2016 after battling a serious disease for 3 years. Since then, Hartons has carried on under the leadership of his two sons, Tim and Andre, and today incorporates its founder’s initials as part of its name – SJS Hartons.

Recently Simon Soler was also given the honour of having a new homeless shelter named after him by YMCA Malta, this being “Dar Simon Soler”, for his continued support and contributions to their mission.

Where We’re Heading

Together, this family business will continue to give back to the community by sourcing high-quality and environmentally-conscious detergents, toilet paper, kitchenware and other items which are sustainable and ethical in their production, while contributing to the well-being of those in need as well as that of the planet. 

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